AMPLUS S.A., using the high technological accomplishments and knowledge of its people, as well as their great experience, its strategic synergies that have been developed and the constant investment in educating its workforce even further, designs and offers to its customers innovative, complete solutions, which can be re-fitted to each own customer’s needs and demands.


The outmost best use of available IT resources, the reduction of operating costs of IT, the transferability of applications and systems, the cut down of energy expenditures and the need of operation of multiple and heteroclites IT systems has as a result the development of systems and solutions and defined the use of the word Virtua;ization in our field of business.

The innovative solutions that were presented in the second half of the 21st century game the opportunity to organizations of all sizes to unify their IT infrastructures, while at the same time providing the more technologically developed companies with the resources to evolve further the technology they had, presenting more and more technologically improved Virtualization Solutions.

Since 2008, AMPLUS S.A. has been an authorized partner of VMWare for the Data Center Virtualization Platforms. Our team has accomplished up to this day numerous virtualization projects of any size and complexity, projects which involve design, implementation and support of the projects completed (both VMWare and Microsoft-bases ones).

• Data Center virtualization

• Desktop Virtualization

• Application Virtualization

• Storage Virtualization

• Network & Security Virtualization


The abilities of Server Consolidation, Storage Consolidation etc., that were given with the development of the Virtualization technology, have naturally driven to the creation of Private and Public Clouds of any size, on which are uploaded either automatically or on demand Systems & Applications that are accessible either via the internal path of an organization, or outside of it and yet controlled by it (hybrid).
AMPLUS S.A. offers a variety of specialized applications of Cloud management, as well as the proper training and knowledge for the design and realization of Private and Hybrid Clouds.

• VMware vCloud Suite

• Microsoft Private & Hybrid Cloud Solutions

• Microsoft Azure

• Microsoft Cloud Backup & Recovery


Backup Systems and Applications
AMPLUS S.A. offers and supports security solutions, disaster backup, and continuity of operations, actions based on its many years of experience, its peoples’ knowledge, as well as on the following specialized software, developed by strategic partners:

• Symantec Backup Exec

• Veeam Backup & Replication

• Microsoft Data Protection Manager

• VSphere Data Protector

• VSphere Site Recovery Manager


AMPLUS S.A. has developed, with the cooperation and synergy of its strategic partners, software for the automation of business processes, which provided customers with:

• Automation of processes of organizing, storage and Document Management System.

• Overview of processes of an Organization and ability to provide alerts for pre-defined circumstances.

• Use of existing IT systems of the customer and connection of internal and external systems.


Creation of enterprise websites featuring advanced services (communities, personalization, e-care, client transaction capability, etc.)

Structured and dynamic presentation of enterprise content.

Content adaptation and promoting capability based on user features and profile.

Integrated workflow solution for provision of services to clients or automation of repeated activities and processes.

Customization to the institution’s existing systems and solution scalability.


Our belief is that before anything else, web designing is an art. Art to present the organization role to the world and to elevate the company image and earn valuable customers.

Our expert team design and develop websites that are dynamic and cost effective.
Creativity is the essence of every website that we have developed and reflects the precision and quality introduced in every aspect of website design & development. We provide exclusive web designs that are fast loading and simple yet attractive.

We collaborate your ideas into the web designing and develop SEO-friendly websites to bring in organic traffic. We use CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Concrete and Microsoft Sharepoint for the best results adopt to your demands.

The social networking features are rightly fit into the website to enhance communication. We provide the option of designing and developing a website from scratch or re-design the existing site for better presentation and reach. The open source technologies are aptly utilized to manage cost effective designing and development.


Qsys delivers training to raise the general knowledge about security. By doing so, attendees will better understand the risks that are involved in working with IT systems and valuable company data.
It is important that every employee (regardless their responsibility within the company) of an organization is aware of the fact that working with IT- and information systems include risks. They work with valuable data that needs to be protected. Everybody in an organization plays an important role in the process of protecting the companies’ (intellectual) properties and data.
The main goal of a Security Awareness training is to make the employees aware of the risks that are involved and to learn them what they can do to reduce those risks.

The subjects of this training:

What is information security?
Who play a role? Who are responsible?
What is the value of information? How can it be protected?
Internet use at your desk
Security at work and at home
Security policies at work
Desktop / Laptop security
Unhappy employees
Security aspects of working with fax and printers
Document handling
Home computers
How to handle incidents?
Laws and compliancy
Virusses, Trojan Horses, Worms, Bots, etc.
Using and maintaining passwords
PDA’s, Laptop security (physical)
Shoulder surfing
Social Engineering Visitors
Desktop Security

Training take place at the customer’s premises and usually take half a day.
In order not to interrupt customer’s daily activities, we recommend training sessions for 3 to 10 persons (for small-to-mid companies).


In order to protect your IT infrastructure against unauthorized or criminal use, you have probably taken some actions. You have implemented a firewall, segmented the network, configured an Intrusion Detection system, installed Antivirus software, etc. Obviously, you make sure that all software is updated to the latest versions so that you are protected optimally. However, your web applications / websites can be accessed from the Internet or (even more important) from “inside” your organization. Regardless a secure connection, a hacked web application will give access to the under-lying databases(s).
The security of web applications is very important against attacks and to protect your company information.
In order to protect the company information, your web applications need to be secure. This is done by creating secure code. Via our security cycle your web application can be scanned on possible insecure code. AMPLUS S.A. offers a Web Application Security Audit service that will scan the security of your web application.

The audit comprises of 3 stages: Scan, Evaluate and Analyze. We do this with the most advanced web application vulnerability scanning software on the market. We deliver a comprehensive audit report of all the vulnerabilities found. Together with your development team we can evaluate the outcome and analyze which threats need to be addressed.
Step 4 – Realize. In order to solve the vulnerabilities, changes will be necessary in the source code to make your web applications resistant to external attacks. You can contact us for furhter information and how we can help you during this process.

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