AMPLUS S.A. markets via strategic synergies that have been developed, innovative IT products, of hardware, software and also complete IT solutions.


AMPLUS S.A., as an authorized reseller of IT equipment of Vendors such as Dell and Hewlett-Packard, serves the market by providing IT systems which cover the needs and demands of any organization, from small ones, up to great and complex ones.

  •     Desktops & Towers
  •     Portable Computers  (Netbooks, Notebooks)
  •     Servers   (Rack & Tower Servers, Blade Systems)
  •     Storages (FC, iSCSI, SAS & NAS storages)
  •     Security Storages (Tape Drives, Tape Libraries, Disk arrays)
  •     Networking Equipment (Switches, Routers, Firewalls)


AMPLUS S.A. is a Silver Partner of Microsoft in Greece and has the greatest part out of the software Portfolio of the company, as well as the most well-known Professional Enterprise Linux systems. With the complete solutions offered by AMPLUS S.A. and also independent of these, customers will be able to purchase user licenses and software such as:

•    Server Operating Systems : (Microsoft Windows Server , Enterprise Linux Distributions )

•    Client Operating Systems

•    MS Office Automations

•    E-mail and Collaboration Suites: : Microsoft Exchange Server , Microsoft Lync Server

•    Databases: Microsoft SQL Server , Oracle DB

•    Application, Web & Portal Servers: Microsoft Share Point, Microsoft IIS, Oracle Application Server.

•    Network Management : Microsoft System Center , Dell Open manage

•    Security Backup: Symantec Backup , Microsoft DPM, Veeam Backup & Replication , VMware DP

•    Virtualization Software and Private Cloud Software: VMware VSphere , Microsoft Hyper V , vSphere Horizon , VSphere SRM

•    Public Cloud SaaS (Microsoft Office 365 ,Microsoft on line Exchange ,Microsoft on Line Lync Microsoft Cloud Share Point)

•    Public Cloud IaaS Products (Cloud Storage Capacity , Cloud VMs ,Cloud Backup)

BLSS – Banking Legal Services system, an integrated monitoring system of legal cases

The BLSS constitutes an integrated monitoring system of the legal cases of a financial institution.

Legal services of financial institutions manage numerous legal cases of different types, which demand constant and daily handling by their personnel so that their progress is thoroughly supervised and the course of their tasks is checked step-by-step.

Up to present, these requirements have been met by managing, organizing and filing a significant amount of printed materials, which is transferred to and from the bank’s branches and legal department, a process that is particularly time-consuming, de-centralized and thus, ineffective. With a view to resolving the aforementioned problems, AMPLUS S.A. has developed the customized software solution “Banking Legal Services system”, which aims to electronically cover the totality of existing legal services and meet the requirements of both the legal department and the branches as well as the bank’s lawyers in terms of existing legal cases.

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