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The site www.amplus.gr was created and is being operated by AMPLUS S.A. (“AMPLUS”) to provide information and services to its users. The following terms govern the use of www.amplus.gr. Visitation and use of the pages of www.amplus.gr presupposes the acceptance of the said terms. The visitor and user are called upon to read them carefully. The terms “AMPLUS”, “we” “us” “ours” refer to the administrator of the said site.

AMPLUS has exerted in the preparation and the control of the contents included in www.amplus.gr. In no way though does AMPLUS guarantee the completeness and accuracy of all the information included therein, neither their adequacy or appropriateness nor the absence of mistakes. The contents and the information included in www.amplus.gr aim at informing/ updating the users of www.amplus.gr and at serving them in the search for and acquisition of services or products which they wish to receive through www.amplus.gr. The information included in www.amplus.gr is not considered customized advice and may further be amended from time to time without prior notice.

A number of the documents or publications included in www.amplus.gr may include references to information and data derived from other organizations or persons. AMPLUS does not have control over and may not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the said material.

In no case may AMPLUS be considered liable for any mistake or omission in any content or for any harm or damage that may ensue from the use of the content which becomes available from www.amplus.gr, is uploaded thereon, transferred or forwarded to the visitors or users thereof. The visitors and users of www.amplus.gr make use of the said information undertaking the responsibility of receiving specific advise from specialized professionals.

AMPLUS takes care of the safeguarding of the personal data of the visitors of www.amplus.gr. To be informed about the personal data protection policy please click HERE

With the exception of absolutely specific rights of third parties, the content of the site is protected in accordance with the provisions of applicable laws in relation to intellectual and industrial property and AMPLUS is the exclusive right holder of the said rights (by way of indication: trademarks, distinctive traits, photos, texts and in general all files)
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The products and/or services of third parties which may appear in the pages of www.amplus.gr constitute the intellectual and industrial property of the said third parties who bear the responsibility for the contents and the services and/or products.
Www.amplus.gr does not check the content, the protection policy, the quality and completeness of the services offered by other sites and pages to which it refers by the use of links-hyperlinks. Therefore, for any problem that may arise upon the visitation or use thereof the user should address the relevant site and pages which bear the integral responsibility for the provision of their services. Www.amplus.gr may in no way be considered as adopting or accepting the contents or the services of the sites and pages to which it makes reference or with which it is connected by any means.
The users and visitors undertake the responsibility that they will make lawful use of www.amplus.gr, subject among others to the legislation pertaining to the protection of personal data.

AMPLUS retains the right to interrupt provisionally or permanently the operation or the whole or a part of www.amplus.gr as well as to modify its nature and its content for any reason whatsoever. It does not bear any responsibility for any kind of damage that may be caused by the use of the site or the inability to access www.amplus.gr, the termination thereof in whole or in part, the delay or the bad quality of reception of its services or the loss of its contents.

The present terms of use are governed by Greek law and the relevant international treaties and the Athens Courts are competent for the settlement of any dispute that may arise, should such dispute be not settled amicably.